Sunday, May 25, 2008

Word to the Wise

So on my week off in Ottawa I was hopeing to get go sketch at the Museum of Nature But.... I got my Wisdom teeth out instead. That happend Tuesday, so the rest of the week I was a chipmunk with some sore puffy cheeks. I'm really glad I got it done and had the time off work to heal but it messed up my plans and Chris's plans for that whole week. So unfortunatly I have no new sketches to show you from Ottawa.

But this weekend I did learn that High Park has a mini Zoo.... Who knew! and its free! Perhaps soon I'll make a little trip there and sit down for some nice relaxing skeches! [:

Latley I've been rather annoyed at our little apartment. Chris and I have a bad habbit of keeping random papers everywhere... Were really in need of some bookshelves and filing cabnets then maybe we could get organized! I have plans for the apartment but I just dont know how to price furnature... Everything in this city seems so bloody expensive or for the sterial condo types. Hopefully soon we'll start switching our cheap starter stuff for some longer lasting, more comfortable furnature.
On that note... I'll leave you with a sketch I did before I went to Ottawa. Just trying to play around with some new shapes.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Barbaric Tablet

Hello Again!

So I've been sketching a little here, sketching a little there. On the weekend Chris and I popped in at The Paper Place on Queen and picked up a niffty little sketchbook. It has about three different papers in it so that should be alot of fun, switch things up a bit. I should really try to play around with colour. I mostly just throw on some colour When I'm using Alis sketchbook on my tablet PC but its usually pretty barbaric... :P Here's some examples!! Just a couple sketches I did the other night in front of the TV

I'm really sorry about some of the pics that don't seem to enlarge, I must be doing something wrong... hopefully these work for yah!